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Wealth & Pension Services Group, Hammond Investment Planning Corporation Complete Merger

Merged financial advisory firms to be known as Wealth & Pension Services Group.

ATLANTA (August 1, 2018) – Hammond Investment Planning Corporation and Wealth & Pension Services Group announce the completion of their merger, forming a diversified wealth management firm handling more than $700 million in assets. The combined firms, now known as Wealth & Pension Services Group, work with more than 500 households to create and manage investment portfolios, retirement plans and charitable giving strategies.

William “Bill” Kring will continue his role as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Advisor of Wealth & Pension Services Group (WPSG). The merger allows him to concentrate on managing the firm’s investment portfolios while closely working with key clients. MaryJane LeCroy, formerly a Principal of Hammond Investment Planning Corporation (HIPC), will become the Chief Operating Officer of WPSG, handling day-to-day business operations and creating custom client strategies. William Hammond will continue to play an active role at WPSG.

"As I took on more ownership responsibility at HIPC, continuity and succession planning were critical considerations,” MaryJane LeCroy commented. “Bill and I had discussed options in the past, and we are like-minded in the way we navigate the reality of today’s financial environment.  We focus on investments and planning – and we do that very well."

"We’re 100 percent in agreement on the way we do business and work with our clients, but MaryJane offers a different perspective on operations and strategies,” added Bill Kring. “Our combined team of 14 financial advisors brings complementary skills to the table, with unique points of reference and different approaches that offer broader value to investors."

With both TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab as custodians safeguarding investments, WPSG can offer more options and avenues for its clients. New corporate headquarters are located in Atlanta at the Paces West towers, with additional offices in Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.

About Wealth & Pension Services Group

Wealth & Pension Services Group is an independent SEC-registered investment advisor. WPSG provides comprehensive wealth management advice, portfolio management, insurance services and corporate retirement plan management. WPSG currently manages assets in excess of $700 million, assisting individuals, families and institutional clients in multiple states. For more information and to learn how WPSG can help you or your business, visit