About 401k ProAdvisor

Full Service Retirement Plan Management from an Independent Source

Your 401K plan is more than an account, more than a list of funds. As an employer, it represents a substantial resource investment, valuable employee benefit, and a fiduciary responsibility. As an employee, it represents long-term financial security. 

The Atlanta based team at 401K Pro Advisor is staffed with industry experts and maintains the highest fiduciary standard for delivering objective 401k advice, plan management, custom investment options and participant investment advice.   

We currently advise 401k plans in seven states and across multiples industries while our customer base and number of plan participants is growing at a rate of more than 30% per year.                                

Services Available to Cover Your Entire Retirement Plan   

Whether you need help evaluating your current plan, want to improve your current plan, or want to make a change to a new plan, 401k ProAdvisor offers unbiased fiduciary services delivering:

Retirement plan management:

  • Cost savings - no commissions or revenue sharing
  • Complete DOL 408(b)2 compliance
  • Fiduciary Consulting
  • Benchmarking
  • Service from ERISA bonded Registered Investment Advisors - not brokers
  • Advanced, cutting-edge plan enrollment, education, and videos
  • Simplified administration processes - automated payroll submission
  • Full transparency in costs, no commissions or hidden revenue

Investing & Financial Planning:

  • Participant advise by Certified Financial Planner™ Professional
  • Investment advice by Charted Financial Analyst®
  • Fiduciary advice by Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
  • Best-in class investment options with industry leading custodians and record-keepers